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Boom! The moment I knew copywriting was my forte

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Freelance copywriting is the sum of my natural skills and professional expertise. Here’s my story.

“I feel I’ve been building to this my whole life,” blogged writer-come-photographer Jules Williams in 2017. Jules’ words hit my brain like a bolt of lightning. That ‘a-ha!’ moment celebrated by Oprah. I was at home on the couch, first-born snoozing on my chest. Bleary-eyed, scrolling Instagram. It was probably an ungodly hour when I read Jules’ words. But it was my moment. The moment when it all made sense to me. “Yes!” I thought. So have I. Whilst Jules was talking about her transition to a business of her own, for me I knew it was freelance copywriting. Here’s why.

This is my story so far.

Discovering copywriting

Copywriting was the thing at university that I just simply got. I thrived off the buzz of a creative breakthrough: the thrill and satisfaction of using a ripper idea to convey a message in a snap. Back then (yikes!), we learnt how to write ads for TV, radio and DM (as in direct mail – the type your postman delivers to your letterbox; not a message sliding into your inbox). There was some talk about writing for “multimedia” – a nod to an ever-expanding media landscape. But digital storytelling wasn’t on the agenda. No one was calling content ‘king’.

And despite earning a HD in copywriting, when I graduated with my Bachelor of Business in PR and Advertising, I sought a role in PR. I was drawn to storytelling. But not quite ready to be in the business of solving problems with creative ideas. Yet.

Learning the power of storytelling through PR

View of Sydney Skyline from Watson's Bay on a blue day
Working in Sydney as a junior PR professional in the health & wellbeing sector | Image: Lindsay Salmon

My first two roles were as a junior PR professional for a global weight-loss brand. Firstly, in my home state of Queensland before relocating to Sydney HQ for a national role. Member case studies were integral to all consumer communications – so I learnt quickly about the power of storytelling. I loved arranging interviews and hearing real world anecdotes that I could craft into an inspiring, positive article. Real stories from real people that affected real change in others. I fondly remember writing my first magazine article and securing stories in the press from my diligently crafted media releases. I excelled at the written word. (And I wobbled on cold call phone pitches.)

How it shaped me: PR taught me to identify the newsworthy narrative in a story.

Balancing brands, buzz and budgets as an in-house marketer

Working as an in-house marketing account manager in the arts sector in London, UK | Image: Lindsay Salmon

I landed in London after a watershed year in Sydney. I’d gone to the British capital for a ‘gap year’ to explore Europe. I’d approached recruitment agencies to help me find work to fund my dream escapades. Just temp work, y’know? But, they insisted I could do more and I scored a marketing coordinator role at a famous auction house.

I love the arts and was thrilled to be immersed in it. Once again, storytelling was central in my work. I loved sitting with the art specialists during the consignment phase as they’d excitedly share the background, importance and significance of an upcoming lot. Whether it was fine jewellery, 19th Century furniture, or a Stradivari violin – the lot’s story was paramount in engaging interest from buyers.

Whilst every ‘brand’ (art category) within the auction house was a-buzz with stories, what differed was budget. Each ‘brand’ was like a small business with its own manager. As their marketer (like an account manager), I was in place to support their objectives whilst designing a cross-channel marketing plan within their budget. It was my job to take care of each category like it was number 1 – because they were within their own art sector. To treat their budget – small or large – with exactly the same care and diligence to hit their objectives.

How it shaped me: Account management taught me to care equally about multiple projects simultaneously. When you ‘market without money’, you must draw on your ability to think outside the lines. To cut-through and make an impact with your owned channels.

Seeing the 360 degree view on content ideation

Returning to Sydney and a digital storytelling role in tourism | Image: Lindsay Salmon

Four and a half years later, I was back in Sydney conquering one of my biggest fears (heights!). I had joined one of Australia’s flagship tourism attractions to be part of the team to guide their digital evolution. I loved the creative, proactive spirit of the organisation. Stories were literally essential to product. Once you stepped foot inside the attraction, you were engaged with story after story.

At the same time, content marketing and social media was exploding across the globe. Therefore, the brand had a natural segue to strengthen its marketing mix and cut-through with digital storytelling. We worked as a team to develop creative storytelling ideas that would bring the brand into the feeds of Australians and travellers from all over the world.

In retrospect, this role was pivotal in leading me to my freelance copywriting business. I’m eternally grateful to the Head of Marketing who turned to me and said, “Linds, I reckon you’d do a great job at rewriting the website. Will you work from home for a few days and work on a draft?” I did. I loved it. After the website, I transitioned into the brand’s lead in-house copywriter. I wrote webpages, emails, blogs, social posts, brochures, letters, ads – you name it. I loved the creative challenge. The work of taking a strategic goal and stripping it back to a creative idea that’d convey the message in a snap. Just like I’d learnt at university.

How it shaped me: Everyday creative ideation and execution showed me that I had the knack to transform strategic goals into creative ideas that’d authentically connect.

Going my own way (to freelance copywriting)

A blond caucasian woman, Freelance Copywriter Lindsay Salmon, working at her desk in Brisbane, Queensland
Freelance copywriting from my base in Brisbane

OK, let’s regroup. After four and a half years as a Digital Marketing Manager, I was on maternity leave with my first-born. As significant changes evolved in the office, my professional goals grew too. I absolutely loved my job. But it wasn’t as I left it.

And that’s when Jules’ words floated through my feed. My ‘a-ha’! Freelance copywriting was my answer. It was what I loved most about my job (strategic communications and content writing) – plus the opportunity to work with a variety of brands and control my workload. It was a win-win. So, with the support of my family – I went for it. My freelance copywriting career began.

It’s been four years of writing for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses to create clear, compelling content that’s effective. Some work is project-based. Some work is monthly, or seasonal. But every project is different and I wake-up excited to get to work.

My story it just as Jules mused: it feels like I was building to this my whole life. And it feels so good to be here.

Are you looking for freelance copywriting to elevate your business?

I am a brand copywriter that loves to help businesses shine online. I can write clear, compelling content that sounds like you. I write webpages, emails, and blogs that are interesting and effective. No yawns allowed. Get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help businesses on a mission create purposeful websites. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write SEO websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.

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