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Blog content writing that talks your language and can grow your SEO

Mic’ drop: anyone can write a blog. And because of that, it’s like a great, big, blog fog out there. Your business can cut-through it with clear, compelling articles that aren’t a snooze-fest.

As a copywriter, I’m a blog-writing buff. I can:

  • help you make your blog a professional, engaging extension of your brand.
  • raise topics that are strategic to you and valuable to your customers.
  • write genuine copy passages that talk your language and sink into the hearts of your audience. 
  • create blogs that serve your strategic goals and appeal to Google’s bots too. 

So, yes. Anyone can write a blog. But outsourcing blog writing to a trusted, copywriter (like me) elevates your business blog to beam like a beacon.

Break out of the fog. Let’s light up your blog with valuable, interesting, and shareable content that’ll switch on your customers.

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Why blog?

Your blog illuminates your know-how

Blogs demonstrate your skill and expertise.
They enable you to share more about what your business does. Or makes.
They can nag the search bots about your site and help them rank you. 

But most of all? Writing new blogs gives you a channel to attract new and repeat customers.
Because on-brand content creation can serve your business again and again.

“I love it! The tone of the blog is fantastic and mirrors what we’re all about. Thank you, Lindsay. It’s super. No notes!”

Emily Pullen, CEO, Jim’s Jerky

Emily Pullen - CEO - Jim's Jerky - Blog Writing Testimonial Lindsay Salmon

Quality blog writing backed by experience 

As an ex-Marketing Manager, I’m a natural at copywriting blog posts that serve strategy. With my PR qualifications, I can’t help but craft your blog or article into a smart, helpful and entertaining read.

What blog writing services can I help you with?

Good blog writing fuses smart storytelling with strategic goals. A really good blog serves customer purpose whilst delivering your message.

1. Choose the type of blog you need:

Evergreen Blogs

These are SEO-friendly articles that are always fresh to the reader. A topic that remains relevant over time.

Such as:
– How-to guides
– ‘Why?’ articles
– Checklists
– Team Member profiles

Trending Blogs

These are blogs that capitalise on a trending search topic. They can capture fresh attention for your brand.

Such as:
– Industry updates
– Market news

2. Choose your blog length

Every blog I write includes brief interpretation, market and SEO research, SEO copywriting, two rounds of revision, editing and proofing.

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