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The customer conversation starter you’re looking for

What’s the secret to getting people back to your business, time and time again? Incredible service.

So, let’s get some perpetual invites out there. My website content copywriting solutions help you meet them, and keep that good conversation rolling. Because search-optimised blogs, case studies and content campaigns add to brand authority and loyalty.

Content Specialties

SEO Blogs

  • SEO Blogs (600 words)
  • SEO Blogs (1,200 words)

Brand Content

  • Case studies
  • Downloadable guides
  • Lead magnets
  • Newsletters & Emails

Content Campaigns

  • Custom content sequences


Dial up the intrigue

Blogs are no one hit wonder. In fact, a Hubspot study found blogging created 55% more visitors.

And I get why. Because blogs demonstrate your expertise. They enable connection through answers. Answers your ideal audience are searching for.

SEO Blog Writing starts at $247 for 600 words.


Affirm you’re awesome

Just like a movie, getting the supporting cast (of content) right is pivotal to your main message.

Supplementary brand content adds value to your site through authority, credibility and proof of skill.

  • Case studies
  • Downloadable guides
  • Lead magnets
  • Newsletters and emails

My popular newsletter copywriting starts at $237.

— WEBSITE CONTENT Copywriting Services

Two ways to conquer your content

Content Classic

For small businesses and freelance creatives
that need more brand muscle

Does your craft keep you away from a computer? Consider me your word-fab marketing ally. The Content Classic gives you quality content you can count on. Especially when the business juggle is real.

Each month:

2 x search-friendly blogs (600 words*)

1 x newsletter

$ 727

Want Google-recommended 1,000 word blogs? Sure. It’s $997.

Prices vary based on webpage chosen. Valid to 30 June 2024.

go quarterly and Save

Book three Content Classics and get 5% off the total cost

Content Campaign

For marketing managers and agencies that know
what they want

So you’ve got your Big Idea. And you know what digital marketing you need to share it. But you need a word-fab marketing ally to bring it to life through content. Enter: The Custom Content Campaign solution just for you.

Choose from:

Single webpages


Web content

Newsletters & emails


Valid to 30 June 2024.

“I love it! The tone of the blog is fantastic and mirrors what we’re all about. Thank you, Lindsay. It’s super. No notes!” 

Emily Pullen, CEO

— Case and point

Content packages that work in the real world


Content Classic

Ongoing monthly content support for Sydney chiropractic clinic.


Custom Campaign

A combo of content for a Brisbane kindergarten to drive local awareness.


If you’re wondering …

Why would I pay for copywriting? AI (like ChatGBT) write for free …

Good question. There is a lot of excitement about AI solutions as a quick-fix. Simply put, these tools generate content based on existing data. This means it’s baseline – it can lack creativity, personality and differentiation. Three things that good content needs to connect!

I’m flat out. How would working with a copywriter find me time?

Here’s how it’s helped some of my previous clients:

  • A business owner could maximise patient appointment time whilst I was at the desk creating everyday brand content for him
  • A part-time marketing manager could brief me to create campaign content so it was ready for her when she was in the office
  • A strategic marketing manager needed a word-nerd ally to write long-form content because she didn’t like it
This sound like what I need. Can I get my content … yesterday?

Easy. Tell me what you need and I’ll tell you! Generally speaking, a Content Classic is ready within 14 days. A Custom Campaign has its own timeline agreed at kick-off.

I’m not in Brisbane. Can we work together?

Absolutely! I’ve worked with organisations in QLD, NSW, VIC, WA – even Dubai!

Free yourself from marketing burnout

Make content that works for you

With a professional copywriter at your fingertips, we can create content that brings you business. Over and over.

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