About Me

Copywriter Lindsay Salmon - a blond caucasian woman in a denim jacket and a grey skirt. She's standing in front of timber furniture and a map on a grey wall.

No filler. No faff. Just honest good copy to help your business shine.

Hi, I’m Lindsay

A kind and collaborative copywriter who loves to help brands like yours get their word out. Clearly. But with personality.

See, I believe in getting the details right. Because it’s the little things – the right headline, the right subject line, and the right call-to-action – add up to a great, big thing. Your brand. And that’s the secret sauce your customers stick to.

I write with purpose

Backed by 10+ years as a Marketing Manager, I naturally fuse strategy and storytelling to craft brand content that connects. I can write websites, landing pages, blogs, emails, ebooks – whatever digital content tools you need to make your business shine.

My qualifications include:

Official Member of The Clever Copywriting Community

I am


I create from the heart. No tricks here. I believe that no matter your goal, if the creative idea is born truthfully and organically – it captures your audience. Jackpot.


I believe in possibilities. With my natural sunny-side up mindset, I can’t help but believe that no matter the challenge, good things will come. Especially if you put in the work. Always.


If you split me down the middle, you’ll find half of me dedicated to creative ideas, witty wordplay, and abstract thoughts. The other half? It’s a framework: thorough, detailed and highly organised. I got the method down. It helps me deliver the magic.


I love to learn. I love to review, research, and improve. Plus, I love that copywriting exposes me to so many people doing different and wonderful things in the world.


I’m a big believer in empowering people to make informed decisions for themselves. Whether you’re a Marketing Manager or Business Owner, I enjoy working collaboratively. I enjoy sharing insights from my wealth of marketing experience as you teach me about your business.

I’ve worked with

I’ve written for a range of happy B2C and B2B businesses across multiple industries in Australia and abroad.

As a brand copywriter for health and lifestyle, I bring a holistic nature to my work no matter who I write for.

My clients say

Emily Pullen - CEO - Jim's Jerky -

“I love it! The tone of the blog is fantastic and mirrors what we’re all about. Thank you, Lindsay. It’s super. No notes!”

Emily Pullen, CEO, Jim’s Jerky
Anna Pearson in her kitchen holding a piece of celery

“Lindsay made it her priority to understand exactly what I was trying to achieve with my website. Throughout the process, she guided me with her knowledge and expertise around website copy, SEO and digital marketing. Lindsay is very approachable, honest in her opinions, and excels in her work.”

Anna Pearson, Wellness Coach

“Lindsay is a strategic thinker who can translate a data insight into a creative solution. During our time working together, I turned to Linds to bring our product experience to life through copy. She always found a new and interesting way to sell the Bridge experience that resonated with our customers.”

Phillip Shumack, Former Head of Marketing (2013-2019), BridgeClimb
now Mudgee Tourism

I keep inspired by

  • experimenting with photography
  • tending to my houseplants and veggie patch
  • exploring the world with my husband and two kids

Let’s get started

What content do you need for your marketing efforts?

Whether you need copywriting support for a campaign landing page, a monthly blog or an email sequence – I can help you find the words you need to talk to your customers.

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Our B2B Marketing campaigns have many moving pieces. It’s essential that I work with someone of Lindsay’s calibre to ensure all communications are out to market seamlessly.

Sarah Driver, Marketing Manager, Dexterous Group