How a 10km fun run schooled me on goal setting

12 months ago, I couldn’t run to the corner. Not because I hadn’t done it before. I mean, I was fierce competitor during primary school sports days (just ask my year 5 best friend and athletics arch-rival, Lisa). I also completed Sydney’s City2Surf in 2015. But apart from chasing a toddler or two on a scooter, I hadn’t dedicated myself to routine exercise in a few years. Technically four. So, in 2020 I set myself the goal of running the 10km Bridge2Brisbane 2021. Here’s what I learnt about goal setting.

How to be more creative (well, three things that work for me)

Research shows that being creative can enhance your capabilities in problem solving, self-confidence, divergent thinking and risk taking. It fuels innovation and helps bust stress. Don’t feel like you’re a creative person? Here’s three things I do to keep my creativity flowing.