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Life is a muse: 30 things in my 30s that inspire my copywriting

Lived experience creates the greatest copywriting insights. Here’s 30 life things that enrich my everyday brand inspiration for Aussie businesses.

I’ve turned the big four-oh. Forty. A milestone that shot into my view outta nowhere – like a rocketing stream of volcanic steam a la Ice Age. BOOM.

When I was 30, I knew how I wanted to celebrate 40. A trip to Antarctica. No joke.

But my thirties turned out to be so packed with life, love and … a pandemic … that my Antarctic dream was deadset ridiculous. I’d transitioned from a full-time working marketeer who scheduled every trip of my annual leave to the minute … to a family-first, self-employed writer who thrived on the variety of creative work challenges and toddler negotiations.

So, I sat down and did what I writer does. I wrote a list. But instead of it being an action-plan for the day, week or a holiday – it was a celebration of what was.

Life has taken me on its own journey. And it’s great.

More so, when I looked back at my list, I was shocked to see how many events have shaped me as a copywriter. And continue to enrich the work I do for my clients.

Like …

Milestone moments

It’s a bit classic – but the thirties are a decade of life moments. Experiencing these things has become integral to my writing: transitioning from individual motivations to the somewhat chaotic dynamism and deep value family life can bring.

  1. Became engaged, threw a wedding and got married (and it Hello May wrote a bit about it).
  2. Fell pregnant, and welcomed my first child – a girl.
  3. Fell pregnant, and welcomed my second child – a boy.
  4. Moved house four times.
  5. Moved interstate.
  6. Bought our first home.
  7. Official witness for a secret elopement.
  8. Lived through a pandemic.

How it shaped me: Deeper, detailed insights into the wealth we draw from life at home.

Chasing chances to learn

A computer screen with Adobe Lightroom visible after a course in photography and photoshop
A computer screen filled with photographs taken by Lindsay Salmon during editing in Adobe Light Room, 2021

This is the first decade where I’ve learnt for fun. Where I’ve elected to do courses based on my curiosity.

9. Completed a Diploma of Professional Photography

10. Completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing

11. Returned to photography through ‘Next Level’ – an advanced creative photography course.

12. Trained to use WordPress, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

How it shaped me: It awakened my self-awareness of my innate curiosity and joy of creating things.

Pushing my own limits

Lindsay at the summit of the Girraween Pyramid (1112m above sea level), 2022

After the safe arrival of my first baby, I was overwhelmed with a strength of capability. I mean, if I could do that – something I didn’t know I could just do – what else have I held back from that could be expanding my life?

13. Challenged my fear of heights – I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Monument (66m), Sigiriya (180m), The Girraween Pyramid (1112m above sea level), Mt Kosciusko (2228m above sea level), Mt Amos (445m above sea level), Top Of The Rock (260m).

14. Ran the City 2 Surf.

15. Ran the Bridge 2 Brisbane.

16. Started yoga.

17. Swam with whale sharks.

18. Completed the 26km Coast Track (NSW Coast).

How it shaped me: Fear can make your world small. I am way more capable than I imagined in my 20s. 

Travel ticks

Lindsay in the tea country near Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, 2015

19. Travelled to 11 countries (7 new).

20. Travelled to five Australian states.

21. Saw the Daintree Rainforest.

22. Travelled on an overnight train (Caledonian Sleeper: London go Edinburgh) — without our luggage as it was mistakenly locked inside luggage storage at London Euston! (A story for another time).

23. Took my first business class flight. To London.

24. Went on my first ‘safari’ (Sri Lanka).

25. Sailed (and swam by) the Na Pali Coast (Hawaii).

26. Saw ‘under the sea’ in the wild – snorkelling in Sydney, the Whitsundays, the Phillipines, Hawaii and the Maldives. Reef shark, turtles, a sea snake and many colourful fish.

27. Stayed in a penthouse for the first time.

How it shaped me: With a total of 36 countries visited ’til now, my world continues to expand and my curiosity to explore only grows.

Work Woahs

A black and white photograph of a blond woman at her desk blog writing

28. Worked at #1 Sydney Tourist Attraction (Trip Advisor) – winners of Travel Industry Award (2016).

29. Started my self-employment as a freelance copywriter.

30. Volunteered on a community kindergarten committee.

How it shaped me: Love the season you’re in.

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Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help businesses on a mission create purposeful websites. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write SEO websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.

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