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Embrace your e-mates: subscribers are already signed in to your say-so

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With the recent reminder (thanks Facebook) of the potential volatility of digital channels, it’s essential that your business’ marketing plan never relies on one main source of promotion. Yes, looking at you social media.

So, take a step-back for minute. Does your website rely on digital platforms out of your control to source traffic? That’s paid and organic search, paid and organic social. Well, it’s time you embrace your e-mates (I mean, your subscribers). Email marketing is a powerful connection tool that enables you to talk to your brand bros (too much?) who’ve already told you they want to hear more about you. They’re there and waiting to know the latest and greatest from you. So, what have you got to say?

Get the email basics right

Before you fire off a single email, ensure you have your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system up to date and in tact. No one wants to be on the end of a spammy message that they didn’t ask for. So be sure you comply with the Act:

  • You must have permission (expressed or inferred) from each person on your list who will receive your marketing messages.
  • Your emails must identify you as a sender and include your contact details.
  • You must make it easy to unsubscribe.

Make a plan

Any good email marketing framework requires a plan. Don’t overthink it — your commitment to engaging your subscribers can be a simple as sending a monthly newsletter with your latest news or releases, specials and articles. Diarise time to write, source imagery, and lay out your newsletter in a mobile-friendly format well in advance of the date you wish to send it. Editing and tweaking are an essential step and not to be rushed.

However, if you’re interested in developing a more involved email rhythm with your subscribers, consider segmenting your subscribers into groups that make sense for your business. You could, for example, group them by their purchase frequency or their product interests. These segmentations operate as foundations for marketing releases in the future and show you really know your customers.

Say it with ease

Regardless of the email marketing platform you choose, make it easy for your subscribers to consume your news by:

  • keeping your template simple, easy to follow and mobile-friendly. 
  • taking advantage of testing your layout to ensure it re-purposes cleanly and professionally regardless of device. 
  • write subject lines that reflect your content and fit the recommended character length. 
  • Always, always, always connect your content to your website. Your site is the one digital channel that you control and will always have your back.

Not a writer?

I am! Whether you want to fire off an email blast with your latest releases, create a regular newsletter or alert your waiting list of service availability – I can work with you to create the content you need but don’t have time to allocate to it. I help businesses bring their brand to life online by writing effective emails, laying out content in your preferred email platform, and scheduling their release to your selected subscribers with your approval. Simply, get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

Image courtesy Volodymyr Hryshchenko via Unsplash 

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