How to create an engaging blog if you’re a B2B business

Get an edge by showcasing your business’ expertise whilst growing your keyword universe 

If you’re reading this, I guess it’s because you’ve got a B2B business blog you don’t know what to do with. You know it’s essential for inbound marketing. You’re aware it’s important for healthy SEO. But you’re scratching your head as to how spending time on it will make a difference to your bottom line. Here’s how.

The truth is, adding regular blogs to your website is an essential part of your marketing mix. Not only do they demonstrate your services and answer common client questions for you; blogs can benefit your lead pipeline and your brand awareness due to their natural ability to satisfy search queries. You’ve just got to get your content on the money.

As you consider the content strategy for your B2B business blog, here’s three popular ways that you can use it to your advantage:

1. Share industry insights or market news

Regardless of your sector, clients might approach you for advice and guidance on the latest market movements. Capitalise on this interest and create regular industry insights. These blogs can educate your audience during their decision-making, whilst enabling you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. 

2. Present customer case studies

Find ways to publish evergreen content. That is, blogs that remain current and can be re-shared across social platforms year on year. Customer case studies are a great example of this. They act as a working history of your services. Plus, hosting case studies on your website means your internal team can share them with potential customers swiftly and simply. Just remember to request client approval to create content of this nature.

3. Profile your team

With the growth in digital solutions and e-commerce, it’s important to find ways to bring your team to life online as you build connection with your clients through screens. More than just a headshot on your website, create regular team member interviews, videos or fact files that are on-brand for your business.  These can be shared through your email marketing, social media and third party cooperative marketing.

Need help to get blogging?

I can help you to create the content you need. I help businesses bring their brand to life online by generating blog topic frameworks, writing SEO-optimised blogs, and publishing them on their website. Simply, get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

Client Story: World Spine Day Content Marketing Campaign for Allied Health Provider

Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic operates four chiropractic clinics across Sydney. The team of chiropractors at Sydney Spine aim to optimise the function of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system to enable patients to live an active and mobile life. With more than 20 years experience, Sydney Spine treats patients for chronic pain, joint pain, sciatica, headaches, disc disorders and more.

The situation

Since 2018, Sydney Spine has outsourced their content strategy and ongoing content marketing creation (to me, copywriter Lindsay Salmon). Over the years, the Clinic’s collection of engaging and informative health articles has attracted ongoing monthly views* on their website. 

Each year, Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic supports World Spine Day by sharing a news post on their social media feeds. To bring to life their brand platform of enabling clients to make informed health choices through education, the Clinic was interested in advancing their content output for this initiative. So, in 2021 the Clinic gave the green light to run a one week content campaign to spotlight spinal health across its owned marketing channels. 

The support

“Back2Back” (back pain prevention) was the nominated theme for this year’s event. With this concept at the core, I developed a strategic sequence of positive, proactive health content to be released by the Clinic in the lead up to World Spine Day on 16 October. To minimise costs and maximise impact, the campaign focussed on repurposing existing evergreen articles in a relevant and timely fashion. Drawing on blogs that aided back pain prevention, a coordinated EDM and social content marketing campaign with a giveaway was created. 

For this project, I was responsible for: 

  • Developing the content marketing campaign’s focus; then cross-pollinating this key idea throughout the campaign elements 
  • Writing compelling EDM copy to communicate the key messages of the campaign, and achieve benchmark open-rates and click-through rates
  • Writing a sequence of social media posts to spotlight key information to the Clinic’s followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 
  • Leading campaign implementation by:
    • laying out, testing and releasing the campaign EDM using the Clinic’s chosen CRM software (Mailchimp). 
    • scheduling multi-platform social media posts strategically to maximise follower engagement and generate organic post reach
  • Ongoing digital marketing know-how to support Sydney Spine’s strategic business goals.

The score

The World Spine Day content campaign ran to schedule and was in-market from Monday 11 October to Friday 15 October 2021.

“Engaging Lindsay Salmon for help with my blogs and social media has been a breath of fresh air. She has been an amazing asset to my business.”

– Dr Greg Sher, M-Chiro (SA), DC (UK), Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinic Director

About my content writing services

Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help small and medium businesses create digital marketing channels that talk their language. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write websites, blogs, and emails with words that work.

*figures are commercial-in-confidence

Client Story: Wellness Coach Website Launch

Anna Pearson Wellness Coach -- Website Copywriting and Website Launch Client Story

Anna Pearson is a wellness and motivational coach who balances a burgeoning coaching business with her established aviation career. Anna Pearson – Wellness Coach offers a series of services to help her clients establish effective health and wellness practices through exercise, nutrition, and mindset strategies in their daily lifestyle.

The situation

In early 2021, Anna formalised her lifelong enthusiasm for health and wellness by channelling her knowledge, qualifications and experience towards a new wellness and motivational coaching business. As such, ‘Anna Pearson – Wellness Coach’ was born. Backed by an existing Instagram community, Anna wanted a business website to communicate her approach, her services, and enable clients to book consultations.

With a clear business vision as her target, Anna commenced writing and creating a website for herself. After investing a significant amount of personal time to the project, Anna found her website wasn’t meeting her vision.  

The support

To elevate her website to the professional outcome she envisioned, Anna engaged my copywriting and digital marketing support services. Collaborating across time zones, we established the project outline, steps required, and the goal outcome. With Anna’s clear brand tone and visual goal as a guide, over a period of months I:

  • Developed and presented a site map with customer journey to fit her needs
  • Wrote clear and compelling website copy to communicate her brand and services based on her site map and existing work
  • Applied the site map, website copy and provided imagery to create a business website in Wix (Anna’s chosen provider). This website support included page setup, app setup, optimising user experience (UX), SEO application (see next point) and functional testing.
  • Researched and created a search engine optimisation (SEO) keyword report and applied it to the website copy and on-page elements.
  • Ongoing digital marketing know-how and best-in-class advice to support Anna’s strategic business goals.

The solution

In September 2021, www.theannapearson.com launched. Anna promoted it to her social media following with a launch competition to drive awareness and engagement.

“Lindsay and I have worked together on my health and wellness website over the last few months. During this time, she made it her priority to understand exactly what it was I was trying to achieve and was always quick to action any requests. Whilst we communicated across various time zones (Lindsay being in Brisbane and myself based in Dubai), Lindsay made it work. She was clear with what she had already completed and any tasks that were pending, which ultimately made my work easier. Lindsay was able to guide me with her knowledge and expertise around website copy, SEO and digital marketing techniques to explain their importance and relevance (or non-relevance) to my website. Lindsay is very approachable, honest in her opinions and excels in her work. I highly recommend her for any copywriter or website work you may have in the future.”

Anna Pearson, Wellness Coach

About my copywriting and digital marketing services

How to be more creative (well, three things that work for me)

Creativity fuels self-confidence, enhances problem solving, and improves divergent thinking

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you square yourself into the “I’m not creative” category, let’s hit pause for a wee bit. The thing is, creativity isn’t just about writing a show-stopping narrative punctuated by an appropriately timed (and unforeseen) plot twist. It’s not about painting a masterpiece. It’s not about colour-coordinating competing patterns that don’t hurt your eyes. Think of creativity like a muscle. To really be able to flex your creativity, it can’t be asleep. It’s got to be warmed up ready to go. Primed to perform at any given moment. And, with regularly practice, I reckon everyone’s capable of it.

Why be creative?

Creativity is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships,” and “create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations,” (Dictionary.com). Or, as it was explained to me by my copywriting lecturer way back: it’s the unique ability to bring together two previously unconnected ideas. And the pot of gold the end of the rainbow? Regardless of your occupation, being creative is a skill that rewards your everyday life.

How can creativity help?

Research shows that being creative can enhance your capabilities in the following ways:

  • Assist you to problem solve

When you’re faced with a problem to solve, having a warmed-up creative muscle gives you the head start to think outside the box (that’s ‘divergent thinking’) to create a kick-ass solution. Call it innovation.

  • Enable you to build confidence in your own instincts

Creativity is the chance to explore without a destination in mind. Whether you’re creating a meal from scratch without a recipe, or handpicking a sequence of new plants to create a garden at home, follow your gut instinct. Trusting your abilities without following someone else’s plan helps you build confidence in all the capabilities you have that you’re yet to uncover.

  • Release stress

Simply creating in-the-moment can help free you from stress. Without the pressure of an outcome, your mind is free to explore its interests.

  • Give you freedom to take risks

The more self-aware you are of your possible capabilities, you’re more likely to feel free to take risks which can reward you with future innovations.

  • Encourage you to think differently

Having the ability to problem-solve effectively and feel confident to try new things also encourages you to think differently. When you can flip your perspective, you might also see a creative solution that’s refreshing too.

How to be more creative everyday

As a Creative for my day job, it’s essential that I keep my creativity fired up at all times. Here’s three things that help me:

1. Take a break.

Creative breakthroughs always shine when my mind gets a rest from the go, go, go. See, your brain needs to breathe to bloom. Even when our schedule is jam-packed, it’s essential that you take a break to allow your brain to function optimally. The best ideas always hit when they’re not forced.

2. Make something.

Anything. Cook a meal, trim a plant to please the eye, grab your phone and take a photograph to challenge aesthetics. The more often you make, the more often your mind has the chance to see things differently or try new things.

3. Make it a habit.

Being creative is fun, helps reduce stress and shines your own light on things. You’ll appreciate your own instincts and challenge your self-limitations. Enjoy it!

Email Marketing | Embrace your e-mates: subscribers are already signed in to your say-so

With the recent reminder (thanks Facebook) of the potential volatility of digital channels, it’s essential that your business’ marketing plan never relies on one main source of promotion. Yes, looking at you social media.

So, take a step-back for minute. Does your website rely on digital platforms out of your control to source traffic? That’s paid and organic search, paid and organic social. Well, it’s time you embrace your e-mates (I mean, your subscribers). Email marketing is a powerful connection tool that enables you to talk to your brand bros (too much?) who’ve already told you they want to hear more about you. They’re there and waiting to know the latest and greatest from you. So, what have you got to say?

Get the email basics right

Before you fire off a single email, ensure you have your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system up to date and in tact. No one wants to be on the end of a spammy message that they didn’t ask for. So be sure you comply with the Act:

  • You must have permission (expressed or inferred) from each person on your list who will receive your marketing messages.
  • Your emails must identify you as a sender and include your contact details.
  • You must make it easy to unsubscribe.

Make a plan

Any good email marketing framework requires a plan. Don’t overthink it — your commitment to engaging your subscribers can be a simple as sending a monthly newsletter with your latest news or releases, specials and articles. Diarise time to write, source imagery, and lay out your newsletter in a mobile-friendly format well in advance of the date you wish to send it. Editing and tweaking are an essential step and not to be rushed.

However, if you’re interested in developing a more involved email rhythm with your subscribers, consider segmenting your subscribers into groups that make sense for your business. You could, for example, group them by their purchase frequency or their product interests. These segmentations operate as foundations for marketing releases in the future and show you really know your customers.

Say it with ease

Regardless of the email marketing platform you choose, make it easy for your subscribers to consume your news by:

  • keeping your template simple, easy to follow and mobile-friendly. 
  • taking advantage of testing your layout to ensure it re-purposes cleanly and professionally regardless of device. 
  • write subject lines that reflect your content and fit the recommended character length. 
  • Always, always, always connect your content to your website. Your site is the one digital channel that you control and will always have your back.

Not a writer?

I am! Whether you want to fire off an email blast with your latest releases, create a regular newsletter or alert your waiting list of service availability – I can work with you to create the content you need but don’t have time to allocate to it. I help businesses bring their brand to life online by writing effective emails, laying out content in your preferred email platform, and scheduling their release to your selected subscribers with your approval. Simply, get in touch if you’d like to chat more.

Image courtesy Volodymyr Hryshchenko via Unsplash 

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