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Fresh social media content ideas to slow their scroll

Social media marketing is its own thing. It’s got its own language, tone, and rhythm. Whilst pumping out a daily post for your business may just look like a pretty picture and a snappy sentence – the truth is that effective social media is born from blending strategic intention with creative storytelling. And that takes time. Time to develop the idea, craft the content and time its (data-informed) release.

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Beat writer’s block

When you outsource your social media content creation to a copywriter (like me!) you can claim back that work time. Plus, I can help you build the social channels that serve your needs. Whether you’d like a pack of engaging posts to draw on when you hit writers block, or you want to re-invigorate how you connect with your followers – I can help.

I love making content

I think visually. As such, when I create content for business social media accounts I’m naturally mapping how the image and copy work together to create impact.

I believe that engaging your followers with content that adds value to their feed creates a meaningful connection that serves your customers. And your business. After all, social media can help elevate your brand awareness, loyalty and word of mouth recommendations.

Dr Greg Sher - Clinical Director and Chiropractor - Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic - Content Marketing Copywriting Review Lindsay Salmon

I have been looking for help with my blogs and social media for years.  Working with Lindsay Salmon is a breath of fresh air. She has helped me by writing social posts and ensuring they are posted regularly – and she is happy to step in and assist when needed. She is an amazing asset to my business.”

— Dr Greg Sher, Clinical Director and Chiropractor, Sydney Spine & Sports Clinic

Social media marketing track record

Before freelancing, I was a Digital Marketing Manager in charge of social media content creation five days a week on just one thing. This everyday challenge helped develop my creativity and finesse my storytelling. I can see a subject in 360 degrees. That the whole story that your followers see is the sum of its parts.

I firmly believe fab content is still king. This approach saw the growth of that brand’s Facebook by 1500%, whilst maintaining high engagement and establishing social as its #1 website referrer. It’s this commitment to creative content that delivers outcomes that I bring to my client work.

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What social media content creation do you need?

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Social Media Post Pack

10 x social media posts

Perfect for those days when you can’t think of a post! Send me your existing content strategy and I’ll write you ten engaging, interesting posts for your brand’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. (Optional: Add on image sourcing, too!)

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Social Media Calendar

4 week content calendar

Receive four weeks of content (that’s five posts a week) ready to go. Just send me your content strategy and I’ll strategically plan and write social media content for your channels. All you’ll need to do is schedule or post it! (Optional: I can source images for you too if you like!).

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Social Post (from Blog)

I can adapt your latest blog into a snappy social post. This works for your existing articles, or it’s a nice add-on if I’m writing some blogs for you.

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Social Media Ad

If you’d like to extend your social reach with a paid post, I can support you to strategically target your message to the right audience using engaging, authentic copy to slow their scroll. (Meta Business Manager access required).

Social Media Support

In conjunction with copywriting social posts, I offer scheduling support for small and medium businesses who I create social content with.

Get a social media copywriting quote

Tell me about your social media content requirements below and I’ll respond within 1-2 business days with a quote tailored for you:

Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help service businesses create digital marketing channels that talk their language. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.