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Choose a done-for-you copywriting package and kiss your to-do list overwhelm goodbye

The explosion of self-publishing marketing platforms makes it accessible and achievable for anyone to DIY their digital channels. It means the world can be your oyster. And you can unlock it when you get your own website, blogs or emails out there. Right?

Maybe. But it can be overwhelming to do everything yourself. After all, marketing theory and practice is a wide area of study. In addition to tertiary learning, there’s thousands of blogs, podcasts and webinars sharing the how-to of marketing. It’s a full-time job to know the latest. Literally.

Get the content you need with an experienced copywriter

When you engage a copywriter to write content for you, you are investing in your business’ marketing. You’re gaining industry standards, trends and insights that are skilfully applied to your work. You’re getting professionally-written copy that’ll communicate your business with purpose and power.

Plus, you’re claiming back your time, energy and brain space. Making it available for the 1,967,964 other important things you need to do.

“Lindsay writes copy for a number of marketing platforms to support me in [my role] as a Marketing Manager – email marketing, blog writing, newsletters, website updates and so on. Our B2B marketing campaigns have many moving pieces. So, it’s essential that I work with someone of Lindsay’s calibre … She is an important piece of the puzzle in my overall job role.”

Sarah Driver, Marketing Manager,
Dexterous Group (until 2022)

Sarah Driver - Marketing Manager - Dexterous Group - Copywriting testimonial Lindsay Salmon


Do any of these client words sound like you?

1. You know it’s not your skillset
“Thank you for writing this for me. I don’t possess the time or the talent, really.  I thoroughly appreciate it.”
(Marketing Blurb Request, 2020)

2. You can’t say what you mean
“Here’s a link to my website. It’s a disaster and needs some serious TLC. I know what I want but I just can’t get the words down. Please let me know what you think?” (Website Copywriting Request, 2021)

3. You don’t have time
“I have a list of blogs to write. I keep meaning to write them but life and other priorities mean that I’m not getting there … and I really need to ensure it gets done sometime this decade!” (Blog Writing Request, 2021)

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Copywriting Packages 

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Copywriting Rates

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Website Writing Using Scrabble Letters

Website Copywriting

Your website has seconds to grab the attention of your audience. It’s got to be clear. Compelling. And hit the mark for search success too.

Blog Writing

Quality blog writing fuses strategy with storytelling seamlessly. When you can educate and entertain your audience with your blog, you’re helping them step towards taking action.

Email Writing In Scrabble Letters

Email Marketing

EDM marketing must be smooth, smart and succinct. Why? Because we all get a lot of ’em. Start sending your subscribers cleverly crafted emails that nurture your connection and results will grow.

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