Is your email marketing hit and miss?

Let’s boot up your email marketing program. Whether you need to announce your latest sale, share a monthly newsletter, or communicate some company news – EDM marketing must be smooth, smart and succinct. Why? Because we all get a lot of ’em.

Here’s the thing about email marketing. Routinely delivering excellent brand content helps your business bloom (whilst your customers swoon). If you’re sending clear, captivating messages that warm your subscribers to your brand, results will happen. Genuine connection leads to reliable open rates and click-throughs.

Lindsay Salmon, an EDM Marketing Copywriter, sitting at her desk

Send clear, compelling emails with heart

Outsource your business email marketing to a copywriter (oh hi, it’s me) and ignite your subscriber base. As an EDM marketing writer, I’ve got the knack for subject lines and the know-how to strategically structure your emails to inspire action. 

Together, let’s make your EDM marketing program a personalised, strategic channel that works.

Sarah Driver - Marketing Manager - Dexterous Group - Copywriting testimonial Lindsay Salmon

Lindsay writes copy across a number of marketing platforms for me as a Marketing Manager – email marketing, newsletters, blogs, website updates and so on. It’s essential that I work with someone of Lindsay’s calibre to ensure all communications out to market are seamless. She is an important piece of the puzzle in my overall job role.”

Sarah Driver, Marketing Manager, Dexterous Group

A decade of email copywriting experience 

Backed by 10+ years as a Marketing Manager, I’ve got hands-on experience employing eDM marketing strategies that work. With your customer’s needs at the centre of every email, they’ll hear your news loud and clear.

10 years experience written on green circle
B2C and B2B copywriting with tickets on green circle

What email copywriting do you need?

Every business has a different rhythm when it comes to EDM marketing. Whether you need advice for your EDM framework, or you just need help generating topic ideas and copywriting, I can help. 

Engaging Emails

These emails aim to interest and educate your subscribers with engaging content.

Such as:
– Newsletters
– Brand news broadcasts
– Welcome sequences
– Campaign sequences to educate

Sales Emails

These emails are geared to converting browsers to buyers. ASAP.

Such as:
– Sales broadcasts
– Sales sequences
– Campaign sequences to drive sales

Every EDM project includes brief interpretation, market research, creative ideation and message development, copywriting, two rounds of revisions, editing and proofreading.

Get an email copywriting quote

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