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This blog writing move can pull in monthly eyeballs to your website

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It’s called SEO evergreen blog writing and here’s how your website can benefit

Just imagine. Without a single click from you, your website attracts new people to your work. Every month. On repeat. It sounds like a marketing dream, doesn’t it? But this is actually a real-world possibility for your business when you use smart, long-term thinking with your content and blog writing.  

Now, sure blogs aren’t the fanciest, slickest tool in your content marketing toolbox. But they work. They are reliably awesome at supporting brand-building connections for you year after year.

The catch when it comes to blogging is that it takes time, creativity and aptitude. Hubspot estimate that it takes a marketer 2 hours to write a 500 word blog post. That’s when you know the subject. Add on another hour if you need to research and school yourself in the subject matter too.

So, if you are wearing every hat in your business – operations, sales, marketing, HR, finance – it can be unfeasible to spend two hours writing one piece of content. I totally get it. Unless you engage external support to manage content creation to hard deadlines for you (like this client did), it’s easy for your blogging rhythm to be sporadic. Honestly, it’s something my own work suffers from too!  

Read on to find out more about how SEO-driven evergreen blogs can benefit your website.

What’s SEO evergreen blog writing?

Evergreen content is timeless. It’s designed and optimised to be relevant and useful to your audience on repeat. And to that end, it means it has the potential to attract eyeballs to your website every month.

For example, if you googled “what does a copywriter do?”, your search results might look something like this:

Source: Google Search Engine Results Page

This text is as relevant today as it was a year ago. It’s evergreen.

And this graph from Google trends backs that:

Source: Google Trends

The opposite of evergreen blog content are articles that are time-sensitive, trendy or short-term promotional.

A great example of this is a pop culture event, like the Superbowl Halftime Show. Here’s another graph from Google Trends that shows the number of daily searches for this keyword over the year.

As you can see, there’s a prominent spike for this search time at the time of the event:

Source: Google Trends

Why should you invest time in evergreen blogging?

Evergreen blogs, and evergreen website content for that matter, can be work in your favour every month. Because they are written to be timeless, they can answer questions your ideal customers are seeking at any time. Day or night. Just whenever they google it, essentially!

And that’s why blog writing using this tactic is so effective. In one well-written and question-busting article, you can attract people to you who are in motivation-mode. They’re not just roaming about, filling in time. They are actively looking for answers. And it’s this search intent that makes evergreen blog writing so powerful.  

Whether your ideal customer is seeking to learn more about a topic (informational intent), or compare services (commercial intent), evergreen blogs can outline what they want to know about. Because your content connects and captures your audience when they’re active, you become part of their decision making in a valuable way.

Every month an evergreen blog can:

  • Bring people to your website
  • Improve your search visibility against targeted keywords
  • Demonstrate your expertise and ability through valuable content

For example, a blog I ghost-wrote for a client in 2020 grew in readership by 177% within 12 months.

What are some examples of evergreen blogs?

The first thing you can do to brainstorm evergreen blog content for your business is think about your customers’ most common questions. Whether you scan through your DMs, your enquiries or (gasp) your complaints, you can start to see common topics. These can be a great starting point.

Then, cross-reference these ideas with search listening tools. When you combine SEO optimisation with blog writing you are creating content that is more valuable to your business. Because you are pulling people into you through content that connects (rather than pushing content out for people to connect with). The former requires less energy!

Once you have a shortlist of topics, you start blog writing once a month (or fortnightly, if you have time) to produce it.

Here’s some ways you can present it:

  • How-to guides: Explain a process of your business that your customers want or need to know
  • Frequently asked questions: Elaborate on common questions with a structured, thoughtful to fill this knowledge gap
  • Bust myths: Educate your audience about common myths about your business or industry. Grab this opportunity to position yourself differently too if that shoe fits!


Answer The Public is a search-listening tool to help you discover the top queries that your audience i asking Google. The free version gives you three search a day.

Does that mean you can ‘set and forget’ evergreen blog content?

No. Not totally. Whilst blog writing to produce timeless content is great bang for your buck and your time, it still needs a little love. To keep your evergreen content healthy, set a reminder to review the content on a routine basis. Whilst your topic might be evergreen, the content may need to be tweaked based on recent news or examples.

Convinced you need evergreen blog writing for your business but already burnt out by content creation?

As an experienced blog copywriter with qualifications in advertising and PR, I’ve created evergreen and trending articles for brands across six different industries. From listicles, to how-to guides to market updates, I can write strategic and valuable blogs that are SEO optimised. If this sounds like the support you need to make your business a pathway to you website, you can check out my blog writing services or see samples of my work in my portfolio. I hope this blog has helped you channel your blog writing into a form that’ll help your business bloom!

Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help businesses on a mission create purposeful websites. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write SEO websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.

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