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Blog copywriting is no one hit wonder – here’s why

Blogs are a self-sustaining content marketing classic that still deliver the goods: brand awareness, new leads and search visibility

Is blogging … over? If it’s a question you’ve been mulling over, join the club.

In fact, as slick video content and podcasts flood our content streams it certainly begs the question. Should you be investing time, creativity and effort into blog copywriting for your website when it feels like others are moving away from it?


(Sorry, that was a bit full on, wasn’t it?)

Let me try that again.

One hundred percent yes. Blogs are as effective as ever.

You see, although blogs aren’t new or shiny, they continue to be valuable, trustworthy tools in your content marketing mix. If you inject personality and education into a well-structured, seamless article that is peppered with just the right keywords … it’ll work hard for you. Night and day.

Let me tell you why. Here’s five reasons.

1. Blogs start conversations with new customers

At a basic level, blogs are a gentle approach to meeting your ideal customers where they are.

If your customers are seeking answers for generic questions, you can connect with them with blogs that address their ‘informational search intent’. ‘What is a copywriter?’ is an example of this. It’s opportune to connect with people at this early stage. It enables you to:

  • be visible at the beginning of their journey and establish brand awareness
  • develop trust and credibility through knowledge
  • standout with your personality and expertise

After this stage, customers begin comparing products or services (known as ‘commercial search intent’). For example, since they’ve learnt what a copywriter does from their informational search, they might search ‘copywriter vs agency’. It’s harder to meet new customers in this stage because they’ll likely use third party or unbiased sources to inform them. This is why creating blog articles that deliver informational value at the earlier stage – the informational search intent stage – is key to your content marketing strategy.

2. Blogs answer questions people think (but might not ask)

Let’s pause for a minute – have you found yourself googling crazy questions you’d never ask a friend? If you have, you’re human. And just like everybody else.

That’s why it’s essential to consider questions that address deep fears or concerns. Questions your customers might want to ask but are too embarrassed to.

These are the questions they really want answered. If your blog can address them and reassure them, you are meeting new customers in their time of need. And simply put, this shortens the bridge to the ‘buy now’ button.

3. Blogs show the depth of your expertise

Blog readers are seeking information. They’re after background information. Possible solutions to their problem. And some solid, honest advice for how to proceed with solving it.

Not only can a blog give your ideal customers the information they’re seeking, but it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you know your stuff. You can establish credibility with new customers by showing them that you are skilled, knowledgeable and confident in what you do.

4. Blogs help you standout by showing bonus value

Once you’ve written a blog, use it to show the world what you know. It’s bonus value for your newsletter subscribers, social followers or website visitors. And don’t just use it once. You can use an evergreen blog year on year. Or season on season.

For example, I wrote a blog for a client in the health industry about the benefits of swimming in 2019. Every year it attracted readers. And every year its readership grew. Plus, it was ready-to-go, relevant content to include in newsletters and social posts each spring.   

5. Blogs grow your search visibility through additional keywords  

Blogs are important for SEO too. They add fresh content to your site, plus you can write articles that address long-tail search phrases. And the more quality content you create with relevant search terms, the more paths your potential customers have to find you online.

And that’s why a new blog is no one hit wonder. In fact, blogs can be a hit with your customers again and again. So, if you’ve got a list of blog topics getting dusty on your to-do list, consider this a sign to get cracking and create some stellar new content.

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Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help businesses on a mission create purposeful websites. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write SEO websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. Proud Member of Clever Copywriting Community. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.

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