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Revamp your About Page with these 3 simple website copywriting hints

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Did you know that your ‘About’ page is one of the most important for your website?

Yep, you read that right. Just park your love for your homepage for a second. Your About page is hot property with your people. If you check-in on your web statistics, this primary webpage is usually nipping at the heels of your homepage when it comes to visitation. If it isn’t, it should be! And you can spruce up your About page to work harder to appeal to your customers with some plain, good website copywriting. Here’s how.

Why is your About Page important?

Your About page has a really important job that no other page does. It’s gotta back you. It’s your opportunity to build your authenticity, credibility and show proof that you are 100% the real deal.

Plus, it’s evergreen content that people look for. Often your ‘About’ page is the second or third page a new visitor hits up on your site. But sometimes, it’s the first.

Yep, your About page can be one of the first links Google serves up when people search for you. And they could tap it instead of your homepage. Here’s a real world example:

Screenshot of Google Search results showing About Page as a website copywriting example

And that’s why it’s essential that you keep your About page on point.

So, why is it so hard to keep it at its best?

Because, well … small biz life. Am I right?

Seriously though, About pages are often written for a website launch. Then, the everyday juggle of promoting your services, delivering them and keeping up with admin can take over. And that’s when good evergreen content, like your About Page, can be left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the web.

The good news is that if you have a really rock-solid, strategically-written and SEO-friendly About page to begin with, it’s simple to keep it looking fly.

All you need to do is diarise reviewing the content at regular intervals to ensure its hitting all the right notes for you. Here’s my tips.

3 website copywriting hints for your About Page

  1. Have you nailed your business pitch in one sharp, SEO-friendly soundbite?

 If people read one sentence on your About Page, let it be you headline. Because in a world of web scanners, the big words at the top of the page are likely gonna be it. So, really work hard on absolutely nailing what you do and why in one sharp, SEO-optimised soundbite.  

The bonus here is that once you’ve really got this in the bag, you can use it across your other touchpoints too.  

2. Is your business story relatable to your audience?

  Whilst the reason you started your business never changes, the way your business has evolved does. Your story is happening in some shape or form, every day. It’s important that the story you share is relatable and engaging to your customers. It can humanise you and demonstrate your experience and expertise as a business.  Is your story up-to-date?

3. Have you shared recent testimonials, awards or accreditations?

 If you’ve celebrated some good wins or ‘woohoos’ lately, don’t just post them to your social feeds. Add them to your About page too. Client testimonials or awards and accreditations are essential green ticks for your business.They are natural, authentic proof points from your community that demonstrate the impact your business has on others – but in their own words.

Need website copywriting know-how to elevate your About Page once and for all?

If you’ve been nodding along to these three tips and realised you need an About Page revamp, you’re in the right place. As a website copywriter, it’s my day job to help you nail your business story for your site.

To see more about how I could help, check out these webpage samples, or browse my ‘One Page Wonder’ package. This package is ideal for an About Page makeover at a fixed price. Win-win.

Lindsay Salmon
Lindsay Salmon

An ex-Marketing Manager, I help businesses on a mission create purposeful websites. I partner with them to conquer their content: I write SEO websites, blogs, and emails with words that work. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me experimenting with photography, caring for my veggie patch and travelling with my young family.

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