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Client Story: Industry Awards Submission for Accounting Provider

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Dexterous Group is a progressive finance resourcing provider, focused on harnessing cutting-edge technology to help businesses grow. Established in 2015, Dexterous has grown from assisting businesses with bookkeeping and accounting services, to a fully-fledged end-to-end finance function solution that supports hundreds of businesses across Australia.  

The Situation

In 2019 and 2021, Dexterous Group aimed to submit their business as an entrant to the annual Australian Accounting Awards. As an expanding business, industry recognition is important social proof for Dexterous as it continues to establish its brand and grow its client base. 

An award submission entry requires a long-form, factual (yet persuasive) document written in a professional tone. It’s a big job. It involves a solid investment of time and focus to research, information-gather, write, edit and proofread an award entry. Dexterous, who are supreme at optimising time-efficiencies to aid growth; overcome this challenge by choosing to conquer and divide their projects. Following a comprehensive brief by the Marketing Manager, Dexterous Group engaged me as a copywriter to write the award submission on their behalf whilst they focussed on their everyday communication deliverables.

The Support

In collaboration with Sarah Driver, Dexterous Group’s Marketing Manager, I completed three award category submissions on time. Each category submission, comprising five questions each, required a total of 1,500 words to meet the award criteria. 

The project required me to:

  • Manage the award category requirements on behalf of Dexterous: Reviewing the scope of the award submission questions, diagnosing the required business data and information, and highlighting opportunities to position the business’ story for each question.
  • Copywriting factual, effective and persuasive responses to each category question in a bid to win a ‘nomination’ for the category
  • Edit and proofread the final submission for each award category before supplying to Dexterous to review the content and approve. 

Each award submission was supplied before the deadline to allow Dexterous enough time to upload their final content to the award content management system.

The Score

Outsourcing this large piece of work to an external copywriter enabled Dexterous to achieve their goal of entering the awards without sacrificing their day-to-day marketing tasks. 

“Yay! Yay! Yay! We’ve been nominated as a finalist in the Bookkeeping Firm of the Year and Boutique Firm of the Year in the Australian Accountants Awards. Well done, that was a lot of effort.”

Sarah Driver, Marketing Manager, Dexterous Group

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