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5 Creatives Who Inspire Me

There’s no argument that there’s a unique joy in being part of creating something. Whether you are a born creative or a self-made artist, sometimes the hardest part of the “job” is continually grasping sparks of genius to be the foundation of a new project.

Defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness” by the Oxford Dictionary, creativity is often reported as one of the most sought-after skills for the workplace. Whether you are a creative by trade, or not!

To keep myself fresh and inspired, I choose to follow a selection of interest and unique people on Instagram from a variety of artistic disciplines. This is by no means a definitive list. However, it’s these folks that I find often break through the social clutter and have generated direct creativity from me on more than one occasion. 

Check ‘em out:



Los Angeles-based Creative Director and blogger, Bri Emery, launched DesignLoveFest as a blog back in 2009. Her Instagram feed is a delightful cocktail of brand work, culinary pursuits, tasteful yet unique interiors, individual fashion and travel. 

Bri’s aesthetic, style and curiosity for new things inject new colour, ideas and concepts into my feed that continually inspire me.

Xanthe Berkeley


A photographer and videographer from London, Xanthe Berkeley is a colour-lover. Every image she shares on her Instagram account is vibrant, colourful and fun. Her playful Stop Motions and exquisitely edited short films inspired me to try capturing my own personal content in new ways: her #MiniMondayMovies directly inspired me to film and create unique family holiday films that we now cherish.

All That Is She


Dominique & Dominic continually amaze me with their genius. Originally famed for their #allthatisthree image series (featured by Instagram more than once), this creative duo has also gone on to create the #my15secondday and #projectlittercritter pursuits that invite community participation around the globe. 

Of all their clever compositions, my personal favourites have to be the #scenesfromtheceiling. A picture can tell a thousand words – and I’m forever astonished at how well the Doms use everyday objects and their imagination to do it so cleverly. This account always reminds me to approach things in a new or unique way!

Justina Blakeney


Artist and designer, Justina Blakeney is the Jungalow Queen. Although her creative influence largely inspires her unique range of interiors and homewares (see more @TheJungalow) – I love seeing her behind-the-scenes free drawing and personal inspirations in my feed. In addition to that, Justina is very honest about the ups and downs of starting and running a small business. All of which are refreshing to see and read in conjunction with the wild and colourful imagery she creates.

Amelie Mancini


Based in Brooklyn, French artist and designer Amelie shares a combination of handmade items, interiors and inspirational scenes in her Instagram feed. As someone who creates largely with words, I find it fascinating to watch Amelie’s Instagram Stories of her painting or printmaking. I love seeing the mix of colours, the sustainable aesthetic she chooses to product, and reading her honest account of juggling motherhood and business in my feed.

How do you feed your creativity? Join the conversation by answering in the comments below!

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